Spied: 2014 Range Rover LWB

A long-wheelbase version of the new Range Rover has been spotted for the first time. At first glance it appears to be a standard prototype, but look closer and the much larger rear door gives the game away.

Expected to go on sale in late 2013 - a year after the standard car - this is the first time a long-wheelbase Range Rover has been offered. It highlights the growing importance of the Chinese market to the brand, where long-wheelbase variants of luxury cars have had an explosion in popularity.

It also proves that the Range Rover is viewed more as a luxury car these days, as opposed to a capable 4x4. The extra length should also directly answer critisisms of the current car’s legroom.

A long-wheelbase version of the Jaguar XJ will set you back around £3,000 more than an equivalent version of the standard car, so we can expect a similar premium to be applied to the stretched Range Rover. This should take prices up to around £80,000 for an entry-level TDV8. For more details click here.

Thanks to: Auto Express


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