New Car: 2013 Volkswagen Gol

Volkswagen has refreshed its Gol model, which is the best selling car in South America. This is the fifth generation Gol based on the Mk4 Polo platform, facelifted with a new look also seen on the current Polo. With the new face, the Gol looks contemporary as a basic car although the Gol Voyage sedan does remind us a bit of the Proton Saga BLM.

The Gol is very basic inside, which is entirely expected for a basic “people’s car”, although it may be a strange view for the majority of Malaysians who consider Volkswagen as a premium brand. The Gol’s steering wheel and meter cluster design will be familiar to VW owners, but it comes with stick shift, manual air con, fabric seats and a basic radio.

The facelifted Gol adds on a bi-fuel 1.0-litre engine which makes 72 hp when using petrol and 76 hp when filled with ethanol, which is big in South America. With ethanol, the Gol 1.0 does 0-100 km/h in 12.9 seconds on to a 165 km/h top speed.

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Banadict Austin said...

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Anonymous said...

That car is so nice! I just bought my very first Volkswagen in McAllen TX while on vacation. I was visiting a friend when I went into a huge puddle that my car couldn't handle. They wanted $5000 to fix it so I just bought a new car. I love it so far.

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